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Student, Programmer, and Designer

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Hi! My name is Piero and I am a student programmer from Atlanta! I like to run, bike, swim, play video games, penetration test, and program in my free time. On this website you can see my social media, and some ways to contact me. If you would like a list of domains/websites under my holdings, you can email me. My email is at the bottom of the page where I am always open to receiving feedback!

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- Instagram - My Personal Instagram Account

- Github - Where I post all of my proper programming projects.

- Repl.it - Where I post all of my programming work no matter if it is a proper project or a quick test.

- Linkedin - My Linkedin Profile where you cand view some articles which I have written along with some of my general background.

- Resume - My Resume with all of my skills and experience outlines. Automatically syncs with my Linkedin, but isn't organized in the best manner.

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- StoryBored.Tech


- MegaDeepDream

- MonteCarlo Simulation

- Sharing is Caring

- Jayde Vincent Site

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