Piero Maddaleni

Hey, I'm Piero! I'm a Full-Stack Developer and Social Media Manager based in Chicago.

In addition, I do Software Consulting and Deckhand Work on the Chicago River. Make sure to check out my Infrastructure Analytics.

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Software Development




There's a few projects of mine you may have heard of/I am happy to show off as examples of my work. Check 'em out:


Language: Javascript

Framework: React + Vite

Libraries: Maplibre + React Router

An lightweight, open source, and free transit tracker.

Github Site


Language: Javascript (Node.js Runtime)

Framework: Fastify

An all purpose server for serving ephemeral data (such as GTFS-RT). Primarily powers Transitstatus.

Github Site Docs

GTFS Schedule Data

Language: Javascript (Node.js Runtime)

Extracts GTFS data into a format more usable by Store endpoints.

Github Data

Amtraker Vite

Language: Javascript

Framework: React + Vite

Libraries: Maplibre + React Router

An lightweight, open source, and free tracker for Amtrak trains.

Github Site

Amtraker V3

Language: Typescript (Bun Runtime)

Framework: Bun.serve

The free API that powers Amtraker.

Github Site Docs

Social Media Management


More Info

I have been a social media manager, both for my personal accounts and corporate clients, for 5 years now. While my bread and butter are Twitter/X and Tiktok, my skills expand to various other platforms, such as Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat.



Sites: Twitter/X and Tiktok

I was a social media manager for Replit for 18 months, helping grow their Twitter/X following from 13k followers to 42k followers and their Tiktok following from 0 follower to 4.2k followers.

Work Example

Personal Tiktok

Site: Tiktok

I post various content on my personal Tiktok related to topics such as, but not limited to, programming, public transit, politics, and boating.

Work Example

Deckhand Work

I am a deckhand on the Chicago River and immediate Lake Michigan, certified as a Deckhand II on four K boats and three T boats.


Wendella Class

Operator: Wendella

Boats: M/V Wendella, M/V Lila, M/V Linnea, M/V Lucia

Holding between 320 and 340 passengers, these K boats are responsible for the bulk of Wendella's boat tour and cruise traffic.

Ouilmette Class

Operator: Wendella

Boat: M/V Ouilmette

Holding 150 passengers, the M/V Ouilmette (T boat) is the only one of its class and the smallest of the Wendella fleet.

Bravo Class

Operator: Chicago Water Taxi (Wendella)

Boat: M/V Bravo

Holding 110 passengers, the M/V Bravo (T boat) is a workhorse as a water taxi on the Chicago River.

Wendella LTD Class

Operator: Chicago Water Taxi (Wendella)

Boat: M/V Wendella LTD

Holding 140 passengers, the M/V Wendella LTD (T boat) started its life as a tour boat, but was moved into water taxi service when M/V Luica entered service.


Chicago is the city I call home, and for good reason. I thought it would be appropriate to include some of my favorite pictures I've taken of the city.

A group of tall buildings against a blue sky seen from street level. Trees branches and leaves along the bottom of the image, with some people's faces being visible in the bottom left. A yellow boat on the Chicago river surrounded by skyscrapers (specifically trump tower to the right and the jewler's building to the left) as the sun sets in the distance. The chicago river as seen from the Wabash street bridge. A riverwalk with trees and benches can be seen from the right. Immediately down the river are Wendella's at trump tower in the wrigley building, with 4 boats being docket. It is nigh time and the top of the Wrigley building is showing blue and red for the colors of the American flag. A yellow boat sits docked at Ping Tom Park in Chicago's Chinatown. In the background, the Amtrak railroad bridge (former Pennsylvania railroad bridge) can be seen; it is the only vertical lift bridge in Chicago. The skyline of Chicago as seen from the south branch of the Chicago river. The sears tower sits front and center. In the foreground is an American flag, as this shot was taken on the back of a boat. The skyline of Chicago as seen from the Chicago river basin (area just before the locks connecting it to lake Michigan). In the center of the shot is the St. Regis (tallest building in the world with the lead architect being a woman) and off to the right is trump tower. The sunrise over lake Michigan as seen from the Chicago river basin. Off to the left is Navy Pier and its ferris wheel. In the foreground can be seen the front guardrails of a yellow boat, where the shot was taken from. The skyline of Chicago as seen from the breakwall by the lighthouse. Various famous buildings can be seen, including the Sears tower, the John Hancock building, the St. Regis, trump tower, and Big Stan (the standard oil building). The nothern skyline of Chicago as seen form the Chicago river basin. The John Hancock building and the Navy Piero ferris wheel can be seen. The sunset contains many warm colors, such as orange. All buildings in the shot with lights have the pride colors displayed, as it was taken during pride month.