Piero Maddaleni

Student, Programmer, and Designer

About Me

Hi! My name is Piero and I am a student programmer from Atlanta! I like to run, bike, swim, play video games, penetration test, and program in my free time. On this website you can see my social media, some ways to contact me, and all of my domains, their subdomains, and what they accomplish. My email is at the bottom of the page where I am always open to receiving feedback!

Social Media

Programming Projects

Here is a list of my six favorite programming projects. They rotate fairly frequently, and I generally choose the best of my work to go here. My other programs and examples can be found on my Repl.it and Github profiles listed above.

Project Name Link to Project Demo Link to Project Code
StoryBored.Tech Demo Code
Pie-API Demo Code
MegaDeepDream Demo Code
MonteCarlo Simulation Demo Code
Sharing is Caring Demo Code
Jayde Vincent Site Demo Code

Domains and Ports

Here is my collection of my domains, ports, and what they do. Since this list may not be updated very frequently, not all of them are guarenteed to work.

Domain Subdomain Open Port Use
piemadd.com @ 443 HTTPS Connection to this Website
465 SSL Connection to my Email Servers
587 TLS Connection to my Email Servers
static 443 HTTPS Connection to my File Hosting Server
storybored.tech @ 443 HTTPS Connection to the Story Bored Website
oryp.org @ 443 HTTPS Connection to the Oryp Website