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Jayde Vincent

TikTok Star with +1.3 Million Followers
Educating and Inspiring Brands About the Powers of Marketing Through TikToK

About Me

Hi! I'm Jayde and this is a little bit about me!

        Hi, I my name is Jayde Vincent, and I have a huge passion for helping and inspiring people through the power of TikTok marketing.  I am mostly known for being a verified TikTok star with over 1.3 Million followers, where I share a variety of dancing, singing, and comedy videos.  I never in a million years thought I would be in this position today. I always struggled with my future, and what I wanted to do. I struggled in school, and wasn't the best academically, so I didn't have big plans to pursue a degree at a University. But then in March of 2019 I started blowing up on TikTok, and from there my life made sense, and my passion for social media marketing erupted.  I now consider myself an expert in my field of TikTok marketing and currently help businesses and brands help build and grow their reputation on the platform.  I am available for consulting work where I can help grow your brand or business. I am available as an influencer to help showcase your music, brand, products, or services. 

My goals in life are to:
    -    Be a household name to millions of people world wide.
    -    Build a solid marketing company where I can help brands and businesses really get to the next level.
    -    Be a world wide speaker. 
    -    Be a brand ambassador for VANS.
Here is how to find me on my social media platforms:
    -    TikTok: Jaydecandance (+1.3 million Followers)
    -    Instagram: JaydeVincentX (27.8K Followers)
    -    YouTube: Jayde Vincent (14.3k subscribers)


The services which I provie which can improve your business or product.


Marketing Consulting

Expertise in strategies to engage customers and improve business opportunities, both through retaining existing clients and attracting new patrons.


Brand Consulting

Providing analysis, solutions, and general marketing expertise to help companies successfully sell their products.


Business Consulting

Providing professional advice to businesses when it comes to marketing and general operations of businesses.

Contact Me

Have an idea or proposal that you want to share with me? Put your information below and i'll do my best to respond! Want to email me directly? Send an email over to!


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